2019 Festival Winners:

The Melvyn Douglas Best in Show Award
LIYANA - Directors: Aaron Kopp & Amanda Kopp – United States

EDGECOMBE - Director: Crystal Kayiza – United States

Best Short: IMMERSIVE - Project Creator: ARCAA Collective – France
Best Long: HIRUKO - Project Creator: MASASHIGE IIDA – Japan
Best Immersive Experience: SPHERE - Project Creator: Robot Koch and Mickael Le Goff – Germany
Jurors Special Mention: FOUR ELEMENTS - Project Creator: Natalia Oliwiak – Poland

Georgia Made
THIS WORLD ALONE - Director: Jordan Noel – United States

PAGEANT MATERIAL - Director: Jonothan Mitchell – United States

16 BARS - Director: Samuel Bathrick – United States 

Narrative Feature
RWANDA - Director: Riccardo Salvetti – Italy 

Narrative Short
FIRST DISCO - Director: Helen O’Reilly – Ireland

Student Short
AMERICAN LETTERS - Director: Kevin Keck – United States

Karen Black Audience Choice Award for Narrative Feature
SGT STUBBY: AN AMERICAN HERO - Director: Richard Lanni – Canada

Audience Choice Virtual Reality Short
EVEREST: THE VR FILM EXPERIENCE - Director: Jonathan Griffith – United Kingdom & Nepal

Audience Choice Macon Made Short
EUPHORICA - Director: Phillip S. Wheeler – United States

Audience Choice Documentary
WORLDS OF URSULA LE GUIN - Director: Arwen Curry – United States

Audience Choice Narrative Short
TREATMENT - Director: Andrea (Andi) Behring – United States


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