2018 Festival

The Macon Film Festival is heading into its 13th year with a four day festival planned for August 16 - 19, 2018. The festival screens independent films from around the world in multiple historic theaters in the city's downtown district. The festival features film screenings, celebrity guests, special screenings, and workshops throughout the whole festival weekend.


2018 Board Members

Julie Wilkerson - President
Tony Long Sr. – Vice President
April Hornsby - Treasurer
Steven Fulbright - Secretary

Priscilla Esser

Joseph Finkelstein

Emily Hopkins

Christi Johnson

Steve Murray

Angela Stanley

Ruth Sykes

Susan Welsh

Tabitha Lynne Walker- Programmer

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 929
Macon, Ga. 31202-0929

Phone Number:
(478) 227-2840

Email Us:
General: info.maconfilmfestival@gmail.com
Tickets: tickets.maconfilmfestival@gmail.com
Volunteers: volunteers.maconfilmfestival@gmail.com
Sponsors: sponsors.maconfilmfestival@gmail.com
Submissions: maconfilmfestival.wab@gmail.com