January 1, 2014


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2014 Macon Film Festival Announces Official Selections in Student Shorts Competition 

Macon, GA — The official selections for the Student Shorts competition for the 2014 Macon Film Festival (February 27 – March 2) have been announced. 

The complete listing of official selections are both domestic and international, including selections from United Kingdom, Lebanon, France, Italy, Sweden, Iceland, Netherlands, India, and Russia. All films will screen twice during the festival, except for the special screenings, which will only screen once. 

In addition to those announced today, the festival presents Narrative Feature and Narrative Shorts. Those announcements are forthcoming.


A Call / USA (Director: Len Chi) - A fugitive's botched crime. An officer's pursuit. Two characters search for righteousness but in their own vastly different ways - shining light on the true natures of each.

A Tibetan Marriage / USA (Director: Lu Liu) - This is a story about a Tibetan Polyandrous Marriage. Gongbu spent a couple of years in the city and changed his mind about the idea of a Tibetan marriage. He doesn't want to share the wife with his younger brother anymore. Will he be able to achieve what he wants?

Border Patrol / United Kingdom (Director: Peter Baumann) - Carl and Franz are all ready to get off work and watch the big match against Austria when they make an unwelcome discovery. So, deal with it, or make it someone Else's problem?

Deep Emotion / United Kingdom (Director: Justin Litton) - Deep Emotion is an exploration of people's perceptions of student filmmakers and short films in general. Both hilariously funny and thought-provoking, the twin narratives of the film and its audience provide a playful discourse between the sublime and the ridiculous.

The Dress / USA (Director: Alvaro Congosto) - Jamie loves Laura from the bottom of his heart, but he also has another passion: No, it's not dresses, it's photographs. Jamie is obsessed with the image of a girl, and unfortunately, that girl is not Laura. In a visually striking journey through his deepest obsession, Jamie will discover what is so fascinating about images that he can't find in real life.

Echoes / Lebanon (Director: Diane Bou-Chedid) - After finding the tapes of her deceased father, the young woman decides to visit his place and collect his memories through his echoes.

Lost Swag / USA (Director: Rachel Foley) - After a social networking faux paus with the girl of his dreams, straight edge Will unravels and finds himself chasing after a cop, and swagger.

Peach Creek Show / USA (Director: Jeremy Tuttle) - In the 1950's rural town of Peach Creek, Georgia, Deputy Wilbur Moss struggles to put on a funeral for his father, following his father's death in a moonshine explosion.

The Promise / USA (Director: Nongkhran Meecharoen) - An old man struggles to take care of his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Although she can't remember him, she still feels his love for her.

The Spectator / United Kingdom (Director: Mirco Valenza) - A thief breaks into an apartment but, when the owner unexpectedly returns home, he becomes witness to a series of unsettling events that call for his intervention.

Until the Dust Settles / USA (Director: Alexander Gangi) - A father and his two sons reconnect while traveling through the heart of the American Dust Bowl in 1932.


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