The official selections for the Student Shorts and the LGBT Shorts competition for the 2015 Macon Film Festival (July 16 – 19) have been announced.

“The films selected for the Student Shorts category are always competitive alongside the festival’s professional entries and this year is no exception. The festival is looking forward to showcasing the up and coming filmmakers from colleges and universities throughout Georgia and across the country,” said festival programmer, Tabitha Walker. 

Walker added, “The festival is excited to be introducing this new category of narrative competition to the 2015 festival. The LGBT shorts submission response was high and this year’s inaugural block of programmed films is sure to become a 2015 festival audience favorite.”

The complete listing of official selections are both domestic and international, including selections from Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyrus, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey United Kingdom, and the USA. All films will screen twice during the festival, except for the special screenings and the Central Georgia Showcase films, which will only screen once.

“Macon Film Festival is honored to have had so many filmmakers submit their work to our Festival. The submissions process was the most competitive to date and we have scheduled a line up of films that are sure to please,” said Julie Wilkerson, Macon Film Festival board president.

Macon Film Festival is July 16 – 19. Passes are now available. See the festival’s website or this Ticket Derby link:

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Boy Wonder  / Cyprus (Director: Zack Brewer) – A young boy works to buy an action figure of his favorite superhero, but, after witnessing a classmate being bullied, he learns it doesn't take superpowers to be a hero.

Everything For The Movies / Belgium (Director: Lukas Buys) – Lize, a young actress, makes her suitcases. She re-reads the scenario. A driver from the film set picks her up, Olivier. During the long trip the two start getting along quit well. He talks about the set and how the previous days have been. She says she’s nervous for her first starring role. They arrive at the location, a secluded weekend cottage. The following days they’ll both do everything for the movies.

Lemonade Therapy / Australia (Director: Angus Bell Young) – Young Mother Sophia wakes up to what she expects is a normal day; only to have it quickly spiral out of normality. There is a strange man in the house with her, and no matter where she looks, Sophia can’t find her daughter.

Made To Penetrate / USA (Director: Hila Perry) – Patty sees Dave at a bar, later that night she and her friends follow him to a remote location and mess him up.

My Girl Rose / USA (Director: Jordan Lewis) – Racial tension runs high in 1969 Lakeland, Florida -- a small, close-minded Southern town. Two high-school students, Rose and Jude, find themselves bonding over a common cause: having an integrated prom. As their interracial relationship grows closer, they soon discover that bringing the school together will be harder than they could have ever imagined. This story is inspired by the true events of integration in Lakeland, Florida's high school in the late 1960's. Separate is NEVER equal.

O Star / USA (Director: Dima Otvertchenko) – Rudy & Ava have 4 days to make sense of their broken relationship before the end of the world in this rock music video adventure told through 7 original songs.

Sin Frontera (Without Boundry) / USA (Director: Iz Gutierrez) – Inspired by true events, Monica and Gabriel are an engaged couple on the verge of a relationship breakdown when they are unexpectedly torn apart by an unjust law and controversial government practice. After Gabriel is deported to a dangerous city, they both remember how they fell in love and make a vow to rekindle their romance in order to prevail over a corrupted and complex government policy. They discover a way to reunite through an unconventional method. Love will transcend any boundary.

Tip Toe / USA (Director: Raquel Bordin) - Tip Toe is a drama composted by two parallel stories. Daniel, a little boy that dreams of becoming a ballerina, but his father refuses to except it. Veronica, a transsexual, that faces complications with her sex change along with the reality of the death of her childhood dream.

Two For Tea / USA (Director: Ben Joyner) – When the law shows up to take a retired school teacher’s grandson into custody, things take a turn for the worst. In this brooding tale about the darker side of unconditional love, an indomitable (and perhaps slightly unhinged) grandmother pits herself against the forces that could tear her family apart.


All Kinds / USA (Director: Starina Johnson) - When Alex, a comic artist, finds out her wife, Sylvia, is unable to have a baby, the couple must figure out exactly how far they are willing to go in order to make one another happy.

Forced Contact / Italy (Director: Daniele Sartori – World War II has just come to an end. At a center for the identification of prisoners of war, Lieutenant Antoinio Graziani is being falsely accused of having ordered the execution of ten civilians. German Detlef Hagermann, captured along with Graziani by partisans during the days of the massacre, is the only one able to clear him from the accusations, but a secret he promised to keep prevents him from telling the truth until the very last minute.

hopefulRomantic / USA (Director: Bejamin Pollack) – hopefulRomantic is an original musical film about one man’s emotional journey through love, heartbreak, and healing. It’s a universal story about loving, letting go, and holding onto faith that there’s somebody for everybody. It may sound like a somewhat familiar story…but what makes hopefulRomantic unique, is the way in which the story is told. The nearly dialogue-free narrative is articulated solely through Matt Zarley and Any Zulla’s soulful pop score…introducing a fresh new format in musical storytelling. A movie musical for a new generation. hopefulRomantic is best described simply as a love story…with music as its guide.

I Regret To Inform You / USA (Director: Philip St. Gelais) - Captain Jarred Cole knows a deep secret about a fellow Marine who is killed in action. When he is sent to inform the family of the death, he realizes the truth comes at a cost and must decide how much to tell.

Lady Of The Night / France (Director: Laurent Boileau) – The annual dinner commemorating the death of Cornelius, revives Samuel’s memories. He was 20 years old when he discovered is attraction to Cornelius. Tormented by regret and misunderstood by all, he never revealed his homosexuality to Cornelius’s family, whom he had invited that evening. After their departure, Samuel retires to his room, desperate, and seeks for refuge in his nightlife: he becomes a Queen of the Night, in tribute to his lost love.

Snowflake / Italy/USA (Director: Francesco Roder) – Aurore is dying. Her illness has confined her to a bed and Claire is at her side, waiting for the inevitable end to come. But Aurore has a final gift for her: a diary where she tells the story of their love. With the snowflakes falling outside the window, Claire will look at their love story through the eyes of her beloved; a love so unique it will only live in the pages of a book.

Tom In America / USA (Director: Flavio Alves) - For 50 years, Michael and Betty have been united by one guiding principle: no secrets. But when a provocative Tom of Finland doll triggers Michael's long-buried desires, Betty discovers that secrets have been part of their life all along. With long-held mysteries thrust into the open, the foundation of their marriage and the path of their golden years are suddenly rocked. Now, they must redefine their future, and decide if it is one their love can survive.

AuthorTim Regan-Porter